Legendary Las Vegas con artist Ida Summers

Ida Summers, also known as the “Vegas Vixen,” was one of the most successful casino scammers in the history of Las Vegas. She was able to embezzle tens of thousands of dollars from casinos all along the Las Vegas Strip due to her audacious deception methods and stunning good features.

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Where Did She Originate?

There are several hypotheses as to where Ida Summers originated, but no one knows for certain. Many of these hypotheses are founded on the anecdotes Summers told the numerous Las Vegas vendors she met. There’s a good possibility many of these hypotheses could be wholly made up, but we like to believe they all contain a morsel of truth and can give us insight into her actual backstory.

The first hypothesis is that Ida Summers was born and reared by her grandparents in a small community in southern Florida. Her grandparents were extremely stringent, requiring her to labor on the family estate and prohibiting her from spending the weekend with her companions. When she eventually reached the age of 18, she fled their home and never returned. She traveled to Las Vegas in aspirations of becoming a bartender.
When she was unable to obtain employment in that field, she resolved to deceive in casinos to make ends meet.

Ida Summers was born and reared in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to a prevalent alternative theory. She grew up within a 10-minute commute of the Strip and spent her weekends with companions strolling along it. They frequently flirted with security officers in order to gain access to casinos despite being minor. She saw how much money could be made at the tables and frequently tried her luck there. Realizing she could scam her way to victory without being discovered, she turned to cheating as her main source of income.

The last widely accepted theory is that Ida Summers was born in Kansas but frequently visited Las Vegas because her father had business there. Her father allegedly taught her the skill of hand mucking and encouraged her to deceive in casinos once she reached the appropriate age. Summers made casino fraud her life’s work after discovering how much money she could make and not wanting to disappoint her father.

How did she accomplish this?

We could argue for hours over which of Summer’s probable backstories is the most plausible, but for the time being, let’s move on to a few facts about her “career” as a con artist. Summers began frequenting Las Vegas casinos in the early 1960s, where her breathtaking attractiveness captivated the majority of men she encountered. She was small in stature, had brown hair with waves, and possessed a faultless complexion.

Her preferred game was blackjack, but she occasionally played poker as well. It was not unusual for her to earn several thousand dollars per day. So, how did she accomplish this? Summers would deceive using a technique known as “hand mucking.” She would remove a card from play, typically concealing it in her sleeve, and then reintroduce it when it would be most advantageous to her.

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